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Advice needed please!

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Jul 13, 2010 2:06 pm


I am wondering if anyone might be able to offer me some advice?

I amcurrently working in the Private Wealth Management division of a large global investment bank in the UK. I have been living and working here in the same job for the last six years. I am now looking to move back to the US (I am American) to be near my family. Other than a brief two year stint out of college as a client associate at another large firm, I have not had any industry experience over there. Can anyone tell me how my prospects for getting a job over there look?

A few more details:

- I have been managing money for clients on both an advisory and discretionary basis here and my official title is Relationship Manager. My total FUM are around £30m.

- I am fully qualified as a registered rep here in the UK and I have a further qualification called the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment Diploma (CISI Dip.) I believe this is pretty equivalent to a CFP over there and I am looking into it possibly filling one of more of the educational requirements for the CFA exam. I have no industry qualifications in the US (e.g. Series 7).

- Although I have been working in PWM, I am willing and possibly interested in making a move into another area of the industry, such as the institutional side. How difficult would this be?

- I have had a lot of involvement in the industry here in other ways - by serving on industry committees, volunteering to review industry workbooks etc.

- Transferring within my firm is not an option as my firm has no branches in the area I am moving to.

Basically I am looking for any advice or tips that you could give me on how to prepare myself for my move over and how to fully maximise my chances of landing on my feet when I arrive. I am very motivated, enthusiastic and hard working and willing to do whatever it takes. I would also be open to making new contacts in the industry there.

I am 35 and female if that matters. If you have any questions I will do my best to answer. Thank you!

Jul 13, 2010 3:23 pm


I would look at other firms that have a presence in the UK and US (in your area).  They would be the most well-versed in how your skills/experience translate from UK to US.  If there are none of these firms in your area, then maybe consider talking to some high-end law or tax firms that deal with ex-pats from the UK.  You might eb able to make some connections there - and some of them have wealth management divisions (again, mostly the high-end or larger ones).  Your experience in the UK could be helpful to them.

Unless you want to be a retail financial advisor, it might be tough to find a job in institutional finance - the last 2 years wiped out a lot of jobs.  So my recommendation would either be retail FA (you could probably get a job anywhere), or find a law, tax, or niche investment firm that would value your UK experience.

Jul 13, 2010 4:43 pm

Does your current firm have any interest in having a US office? There might be some benefits for them.

Sounds like you really should find an employment recruiter that specializes in the finance industry. Obviously you have experience, and global connections that could benefit a US employer.

The economy, and financial services industry is in terrible shape in the US presently. There are boatloads of qualified managerial types especially that are out of work. Like myself though, lots of new companies have been popping up, and as they survive and grow, there are some decent employment opportunities that should become evident in about 12 months. 

Good luck, and God Save the Queen (she really needs it man...).