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Cold Calling Motivation/Call to Action

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Apr 15, 2013 12:38 pm

pipeline calls 38 contacts generated 8 leads Coldcalls added 4 leads on 43 conctacts. So i guess overall 81 contacts 12 leads…all keeping it simple Hey bob its teeks. from xyz financial and Im just giving you a ring becasue our firm is issueing out some general electric bonds at 4%…are you investing in bonds? what kind of strategy you using with this type of market?..o ok If i can send you some info and follow up with a strategy we are using for___idea would that be ok if I gave you a ring? ok ill talk to you soon.

Apr 18, 2013 1:21 pm

Hi All, I was on a vacation but back to the phones now. Last night in an hour and a half, dials 150, 14 contacts, 1 cherry. I’m using the tax free bond fund script.

Apr 20, 2013 3:26 pm

Did campaigns to fill two seminars and ran those. Ran 1000 calls and calls back very tightly. Had 18 people in seats, 3 qualified prospects to work in now. Booked more seminars for the next two months and then booking into the fall. Next campaign is on DB plans to cap 401k in specialized space.Nice campaign to run for plans to close in the next 18 months. Think about your campaigns and how you time them. Winter - spring - great for residential assets, fast moves, bond assets, etc. Summer - great for moving the dial for retirement plans - they won’t close then - but will take calls then to plant seeds for fall winter.

DO NOT lose momentum at this time of year. I see it all the time - people back off because it’s summer. DOUBLE UP your efforts now and be amazed at how you eat the lunches of the guys on the golf courses who are “networking”.

Until next time, I’m


Apr 24, 2013 3:42 pm

Been a while since getting on here. Been trying out multiple different days/times/pitches alternating between recruiting/residential/small business calls.

Finally got everything organized to really ramp up. Plan is to alternate weeks between recruiting/business calls. Have had some success with recruiting and have a few prospects… one in the final stage of closing. Recruiting is a very lucrative alternative to building a book as once a deal closes it’s income for 3 years without doing any work… and if I’m successful enough I plan to negotiate a lower payout but on a perpetual basis. Looking to bring on 5-10 reps a year.

As far as building the book, was really just trying out different pitches to figure out what I’m comfortable with. Have a few leads in the pipeline, and the two most promising would be great clients to have for assets and referral purposes. I have decided to simply pitch IPOs for preferreds to small biz owners to get the foot in the door… seems to work as most reps can’t offer it and there is no fee/commission to purchase a fully liquid investment with 2-3x the yield of a 30 year govt. Now that I’ve been focused I’m getting 3-5 info leads a day (sending literature) to follow up on and 1 solid prospect a day. Once I go through the list, I’ll circle back with a muni fund pitch.

After filtering down my target client on the residential side, the list I got was fairly small… so I plan to take one week a month to hit residential on Tuesday & Thursday night followed by Sat morning. Will pitch retirement income planning (i.e. annuities) to those 50+ in age and preferreds to those under that age.

All initial pitches are to get some assets and then go after the whole pie once I ask for statements “to make sure I’m recommending something that fits with the bigger picture.”

Brought on a CPA/Attorney client and my team is meeting with an Estate Attorney next week to discuss referral networking. Hoping to turn these into advocates who will both refer 1-2 prospects each quarter.

Glad to see you guys are still kicking! Will try and get on here once a month or so to update you. I’m juggling so many different tasks between prospecting/recruiting/servicing/assisting that I am not tallying every single call I make. I run the metrics in my head, i.e. if I am getting decent responses and generating one solid prospect every 1-2 days, I’m doing fine. As Bill Good says, as long as your list is profitable, stick with it. Goal is only to generate $2.5MM in assets by next April from cold calling to supplement my other growth strategies, so I don’t need to murder the volume.

Apr 24, 2013 5:41 pm

I’m posting in his thread for motivation in the coming months. Way to kick some ass out there, I need to hit it just as hard if not harder.

May 4, 2013 1:18 pm

Dow breaks 15,000 and goes down. Takingnames pipeline goes past 1/2 billion dollars and keeps going up. I’m bringing in more than a million a month right now and just keep dialing. These are people taking calls, opening accounts, agreeing to keep the dialogue open. This week, I tweaked a campaign to add a component. I’m also providing some guidance to an internal partner who is enthused to get started. I took a highly specialized, focused list that he spent hours drilling into details for and dialed it to show him the results of that. Gooseeggs. Then, I pulled up a random list and made calls. Results. Survey says? DON"T WASTE TIME RESEARCHING THE PROSPECTS. Call people. Get them to agree to talk with you. Get to know them FOR REAL.

May 5, 2013 4:53 pm


May 5, 2013 4:52 pm

So after 3 months of calling, I’ve got it broken down.

In order to average 25 contacts/day (not including meetings/follow-up calls) I need to be dialing around 175 times a day…which for me is approximately 3 hours in the mornings. That coupled with follow ups/meetings/networking should round my pipeline out a little better. Starting my campaign tomorrow.

May 6, 2013 2:05 am

Kick it Sweaters. Calls you make now are deals you will have between Sept and Dec. End your year on a high note.

May 7, 2013 2:36 am

Seminar: 9 attendees 2 appointments. 300K NNew, Got some campaigns brewing for the summer. Glad to hear everyone is doing good!

May 7, 2013 2:36 am

Seminar: 9 attendees 2 appointments. 300K NNew, Got some campaigns brewing for the summer. Glad to hear everyone is doing good!

May 11, 2013 5:24 am

Only one day of true cold calling on a very specific set of cases that I’m tapping with a colleague for interest.

Did 4 events - all nights. Did a lot of circling back on old contacts and deals that needed a touch. Got a 600k to commit to making a shit or get off the pot decision on the company 401k plan and we’re talking next Friday. Also lit a candle on on 500k that I thought was dead and revived a multi million dollar deal from last summer that had slowed down. Two seminars coming up. Had two clients commit more assets.
Better than me commiting hari kari.

May 18, 2013 2:03 am

Called on my seminars this week. Have 10 people slated for something next week with commitment and a boatload of follow up work to do. No rest for the wicked. Closed 600k from an initial cold call from 2009. Keep good records, be a light touch, not too salesy and keep touching them. Kicking Ass and Taking Names

May 18, 2013 4:44 pm

Just for good measure, I knocked out 150 dials this AM cold. Goose Eggs. So for anyone who thinks it’s magic; it’s not. Even the ones who do it all the time wind up with nothing sometimes ;-).

May 18, 2013 7:45 pm

good job takingnames… I got a seminar this week and got just 6 people so far…had some really good appointments last week with one that got a good chance to move 2.2Mill from an initail cold call then came to 2 seminars…and one appointment…a lot of contacts…so hopefully it pans out

May 25, 2013 6:02 pm

Phew. Monster week. 4 events; 1 seminar, 800 calls. 3 future prospects from the calls, developed a huge prospect at one event and deepened relationship at another. Gooseggs in the seminar. WRONG AUDIENCE. Made the best of it and created raving fans. Feedback was the best I’ve ever gotten. If any of them hit the lottery, I’m their advisor, LOL. Booked 1.2 across three deals from prior calls to come in; pitched to close a 401k that I first called in 2010. Had a client commit more assets. Nice week.
Keep swinging, folks!

Jun 10, 2013 3:48 pm

96 contacts 9 leads/ calling on semianr at end of month. 2 prospects appointments set from previous calls one cancel.
Hope everyone is doing good. havent posted in a while had change of game plan but back online and makeing the dials

Jun 11, 2013 12:52 am

On the seminars, do you guys just call and invite? Or send an invitation in the mail?

Jun 11, 2013 5:27 pm

Do both! is you got the $ do mail/phone if not do phone/mail/phone

Jun 16, 2013 1:09 am

On the seminars, do you guys just call and invite? Or send an invitation in the mail?

Bt is to do call mail call. Call first to determine interest; then mail , then call to confirm. Works for a lot - seminars, uncovering assets, determining interest. If they continue to take calls after you send lit; you’re in. Stay in by staying in touch. Never underestimate the power of persistant contact. It’s not hard - but it’s not easy.
Kicking A and Taking Names