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Feb 12, 2020 1:45 pm

The base with a metal addition permits you to utilize this cookware on a wide range of stoves, including enlistment. The spread is made of glass and treated steel, because of extraordinary openings it is conceivable to pour fluid without evacuating the spread. Enormous ergonomic handles don't warm up during the whole cooking time. Highlight: Diameter 28cm Benefits: Case material - cast aluminum The thickened base doesn't twist when warmed External white silicone covering Non-stick covering Ferno Ceramic Glass spread Bakelite handle, long, removable Suitable for a wide range of plates Gift wrap. A griddle from one of the main Ukrainian makers of kitchen utensils Biol is one of the most famous things in the kitchen. The container is made of cast iron, a solid and tough material. Cast iron is a brilliant warmth collector, which accelerates the cooking procedure and permits you to save money on vitality sources. The advantageous wooden handle doesn't warm up, it lies well in the hand. The handle is handily expelled from the container, right now, dishes can be utilized on an open fire and in the stove. There is a balancing gap toward the finish of the handle. The skillet can be utilized on a wide range of stoves, including acceptance. Highlight: distance across 26 cm, width 21 cm, tallness 4.5 cm, thickness 4 mm, weight 2.21 kg Benefits: Material - Cast Iron High warm conductivity Removable wooden handle Without a handle can be utilized in the stove and on open fire Suitable for a wide range of plates. Part container from one of the main Ukrainian producers of kitchen utensils Biol is a surprising adornment. Presently you can not just satisfy yourself and your visitors with scrumptious dishes, yet additionally, shock with the first introduction - directly from the stove to the table. Nourishment in a parceled dish looks much progressively appealing and mouth-watering.