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Beating the Summer Doldrums?

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Jul 10, 2006 10:34 pm

[quote=The Judge]

Apprentice- Definitely good stuff on your part, at least for the effort.

But I've got to tell you- I deal with (mostly) very, very HNW individuals.  Frankly, they would be turned off by such "marketing" efforts.  Be carefull about putiing yourself out there as an everyman.  Personally, I would find such efforts as shabby.  Casual marketing is acceptable- golf, country club, etc.  Other than that, often someone comes accross as a MLM fellow of which big $ will flee like mad.

Just my opinion.


You are right Judge. It's not for everybody. I cringe when I hear HNW b/c I think of country club, white glove dinners, "elbow rubbing" and as my jet set LA cousin would say, "putting some feelers out there" lol. Most of our clients are either retirees (cute) or engineers (which makes most people run screaming from the room?).

But, like you said, it's all about what kind of people you are looking for. Tailor it to how it's going to help your business right?