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Physical Confrontation

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Oct 2, 2009 3:18 am

[quote=Soothsayer] [quote=BioFreeze] Liar. [/quote] Let me be clear on something.  Me: 6’3", 210#, used to participate in what they called “smokers” around where I grew up, former Army Ranger/Pathfinder, regularly work out at a gym–not show up, but actually work out.  This guy:  Maybe 5’10", sleeve tatt on one arm, maybe 160#, no discernable muscle definition anywhere on his body.  My point is, it was light duty.  Mostly, I wanted the guy to quit tailgating me, honking, and whatever else on a very busy stretch of state highway.  I was very surprised when he wanted a physical confrontation.  I guess he figured I was old and in a suit, and that he could intimidate me.  He wasn’t expecting to get face-planted into the asphalt in less than 10 seconds.  [/quote]

Why would a Ranger use a chicken-wing to put someone down? What was your class number? Did you graduate in the 80’s?

Also, seems odd that you were that aggressive about tailgating given your training.

  This is the most interesting post for me because it is clear Morean knows what he is talking about. I do not have any military training, but I know self defense. Anyone who thinks they are strong (invincible) because they are tall or because they are strong or because they have a gun should come to NYC. You will be dead in a year.   It's easy to feel the need for a shotgun for your drive from Waco to Dallas, and I can understand the sense of security (and power) you feel. But, there's no real danger when you are driving your truck.   What would you do if you rode a NYC subway and you walk around the corner, someone grabs you and you feel the cold steel of a straight-edge razor on your neck (me, June 2000 -  Queens, NY). Where's your gun? Is it loaded in your hand? Of course's as worthless as tits on a bull.   Guns are important...but when it comes to self defense, guns are for pussies! Proper self-defense training is the only thing that is going to save your ass in a real bad situation.