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One went to an interview with the national football media

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Dec 6, 2011 4:24 am

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28 evening 7:00, the Chinese men's soccer team will be in Vientiane, the second round of World Cup compe rolex watches replica tition, challenge Laos. 25 pm, arrived in Vientiane football, and the center of a five-star hotel occupancy. Last night, football began in Vientiane for the first time training with the ball. Although there is no jet lag and other difficulties, but still hot and humid climate makes repeatedly complain summer dresses ed. In addition, generally accepted in Laos Lao kip currency, the RMB exchange rate and differences between Kip, so a meal in Laos, the standard per capita will reach nearly one hundred thousand Laotian dollars. In this regard, the national team in front of the interviews along with a media fellow did not forget to laugh, br>
from 24 degrees to 33 deg tag heuer replica watches rees Celsius in Kunming Vientiane, the Chinese men's soccer players were as if into a steamer, for the hot and humid climate is not suited to Vientiane. So on the 25th arrived in Vientiane, the Orangemen went to stay on th Ugg e five-star hotel, and not arranged in the day too much training, just a jogging at night.

Moon Island because football is staying away from the Mekong Palace Hotel is only a kilometer away, so football will also be the location of jogging on the Mekong River shore. After coaching field visits, local time, to fiv calvin klein replica e points, the national football team wore red all the training suits, Fu Bo and Gao Hongbo led along the Mekong River, on the shore of the clay on the road began to jog recovery. Vientiane is not, however, local residents ha Uggs d seen such a scene, which was gathered to watch and recognize Red bottom shoes  the players chest of , football has become a different kind of scenery Mekong River shore.

hot and humid weather are not afraid of fear difference

26 6:00 pm local time in Vien Ugg boots tiane, Laos, Chinese men's soccer team came to the National Stadium, for the first time to Laos after the ball training. One went to an interview with the national football media colleagues Vientiane, said: Training times will drill  Ugg boots on sale out on the 28th game lineup. But the hot and humid climate has become the biggest enemy, high temperature or a test. But the players were, the early hot and humid climate Laos meet, is the most critical factor.

to Laos over the They also eat the accident the Chinese snacks. According to intervie Red bottoms ws with media colleagues went to Vientiane, the Some not used, and even we reporters are also not used to travel with the t Replica watches eam. rice down to each person's average price is tens of thousands or even to one hundred thousand Kip, I am afraid we will be scared to death, but is very common here. 100 yuan can be redeemed for hundr Rolex Replica eds of thousands of kip, but the price is enough to buy a few simple craft.