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Ragnarok Begins is available now on mobile devices and PC devices

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Dec 16, 2022 3:40 am

Ragnarok Begins is the 35th installment in the popular Ragnarok franchise. However, if most projects are developed or already released for mobile devices, then Ragnarok Begins is made exclusively for PC. While there are no details about the gameplay, but it is obvious that the authors will try to keep the gameplay of the original series and add cartoonish graphics. Perhaps we are expecting chibi-style characters, several standard classes and a plot that further expands the lore of the famous universe from the Gravity studio.

According to the official description, the plot will center around the conflict between the Kingdom of Rune-Midgarts (Rune-Midgard) and Principality Arunafeltz. The hidden background of The Pope will also be explored. As a start, there are just 4 main jobs which are will be very familiar to the fans, followed by 2 advanced job choices.

Ragnarok Begins is available now on mobile devices and PC devices via a standalone launcher. However, the game will release soon on the ‘Steam’ gaming platform, making the game more appealing to players in the Steam ecosystem.

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