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Pass rate of series 24

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Feb 29, 2012 8:38 pm

The 24 is the most intense exam i have had to take. I used the study material from It is by far the best material i have seen and used. Hope this helps

Mar 6, 2012 1:06 am

I just took the 24 this morning. I knew the Training Consultants book inside and out. I had almost an hour and a half left and got a 83%. That said, it was a difficult test. I would say at least 20 questions were not covered in the book at all, and some of the wording on topics I knew well still had you double thinking things. I took the 7 probably 15 years ago and got a 93, but I am sure it has had to of gotten a little harder over time.

Aug 4, 2012 8:53 pm

I took the series 24 using STC training materials and I got an 81 on my first try. I did everything STC told me to do which included: reading the book, attending the 4 webs and working through EVERY question on the practice CD once. I have a very limited background with retail brokerage products, and I have spent most of my career working with the institutional division of my company. I never would have passed this exam if it were not for the detailed STC training materials. My husband used Kaplan and scored much lower than me. I reviewed their materials and the book was half the size of STC’s manual. I would recommend STC to anyone!!! I am very pleased!!!

Nov 26, 2012 4:55 am

I am taking the 24 in early Dec. I’m wondering if the test requires you know the names of all the rules, or just rules themselves. Can someone comment on how detailed the test is when it comes to knowing what each section of a regulation is referring to, or if you just need to know the rules without necessary being able to identify the exact section (for example will there be questions that just say, something like 'what is section 13F of the 1934 Act?). Thanks.

May 21, 2014 3:49 am

Here are my 2 cents. I just took the Series 24 exam for the first time and passed with an 80%. I used Kaplan study materials which included the online qbank questions and on demand class videos. I basically followed the Kaplan study guidelines as closely as possible. I read the whole book, went through almost 100% of the questions in the qbank and took at least 10 (150 question) practice exams as well as the Mastery exam that they offer on their site. I was scoring 85-93% on the practice tests before taking the exam. The actual exam was torture, I felt like there was so much material on it that I wasn’t familiar with and the questions were worded very differently from the study materials. There were no combination questions, like I&IV, they were all multiple choice with just one answer per question. There were not very many rules that I had to know by the actual numbers. The ones that showed up on my test by number were Rule 144, 144A, Reg A, Reg M, and maybe a couple more. At the end of the exam as I was waiting for my score I really felt like there was a large possibility that I had not passed. Alas, I did pass and by a decent margin, so in my experience the Kaplan material works. I also used Kaplan for my Series 7 exam which I took about 2 months ago and I passed that with an 86. My advice to everyone studying for these exams is put a ton of time and dedication into reading the book and going through lots of practice exams. I basically had no social life for the past 5 months, studied nights and weekends while also working full time. I gave 5 months of my life to this but now I’ve got the licenses and I never, ever have to do this again!

Jul 25, 2014 10:51 pm

Took the 24 yesterday for the first time, that test is NO JOKE! I studied myself into a coma for a month and only got an 81. I used training consultants for all my tests; 7,66 & 24 and passed with 90%, 88%, and 81% respectively. I can only say great things about TC. They’ve never steered me wrong and do a fabulous job at not only preparing you for the test questions, but with the underlying knowledge that applies to the test. I found the 24 to be much harder than the 7.

Oct 7, 2014 11:55 pm

I wanted to add to this thread because reading it really helped me prepare for the exam. I passed this morning and couldn’t be happier!

I agree with most of the previous posts that this exam is extremely difficult. I passed my 7 on the first try in the high 80’s and have always been incredibly proficient with standardized exams. The 24 threw me for a loop because the questions on the actual exam seemed to be really different from the study materials. What really helped me was getting a second form of study material. I studied solely using Kaplan at first and failed the exam but when I added Testeachers to the mix I passed the Series 24 with flying colors. Testeachers has really great video libraries and their customer support is excellent. The reading is also laid out in bullet point format so it’s a bit less wordy and easier to memorize. It’s an amazing feeling to be done with this exam! Good luck to anyone who will be taking it soon.

Feb 20, 2015 12:26 am

I looked at this site when thinking of taking the 24 and it was helpful. Training Consultants was my study material. Studied nights and weekends 3 months, then all day last 7 days. Scoring 85% on last 2 practice exams, I passed with 78 (well, 78.7% but no they dont round up!). I had gotten 88% on the Series 7 about 25 years ago. This seems common; to score about 10 points less on the 24 compared to the 7. Also to get about 7% less on the 24 compared to Training Consultants’ full practice exams. Spent much of my study time taking TC’s practice chapter tests. Biggest task is reading the material fist time thinking of each topic, then as you go over the material it gets easier as it sinks in. Kept an acronym page - with a short description of each of the many acronyms. Good luck!

Mar 2, 2015 1:47 pm

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Apr 7, 2015 4:17 am

Whatever the message above is all about notwithstanding, I took the 24 several years ago. I too have heard that it has been made progressively more difficult. I also however after reading several of the posts remember hearing the same types of complaints of some of the test material not being in the study materials. I believe there is no doubt that is the case and always will be. Because of changing laws, an effort to maintain the test’s relevancy and remain a true test of reasoning skills, FINRA will always have their tests designed with unknown or experimental questions that we may see passed down as dictum at the professional level at some point in the future. My suggestion is to stop looking, you will not find the holy grail you are looking for. I have gone on to take the 9/10 and found the same “unknown” material raised its ugly head on those as well.
The one solution I found was given to me way back when I was using the Dearborn (now Kaplan I believe) materials when I was studying for my Series 7. Back then Dearborn gave a guarantee, if you consistently score over 85% on all of your practice tests and finals, if you did not pass, you get your money back, period the end. With that mindset, I got 86% on my 7. I used them again for my Series 24 and while they did not have, well more to the point I did not ask, if they had that same guarantee, I went in with that same philosophy. If I am not getting over 85% all the time, then I am not ready. Again with that mindset, I got 73% the first time on the 24. I only studied for 2 weeks…for the 24, NOT the 7. Now that was a hard 2 weeks, I did nothing else, no TV, no real work (truth be told) and not less than 8.5 hours of study a day between work and home including weekends. I lived ate and breathed the damn thing. I think the person who was told “they had learned the test” was given good counsel. The format of the questions or similarity to what was presented in the study materials should be supplemented with what Soccer Guy had to say regarding avoiding the “fact trap”. I think that was awesome advice. I used Pass Perfect for my 9/10 and am therefore confident that for the 24. with either source, Kaplan or Pass Perfect, simply because of with both P.P. and Kaplan’s sheer number of tests that are available to be taken and customized, its hard to go wrong. As an unsolicited kudo to Pass Perfect, I called several times when I was studying and was given personalized help in some rough spots for no extra money at all from the same person. That person helped to design the study materials if I remember correctly. They were awesome. I cannot praise them highly enough. Good luck!

Apr 10, 2015 9:10 pm

I took the exam yesterday and scored an 87%, which completely blew my mind because I was scoring 60% to 65% on practice exams by STC and Pass Perfect. I used Training Consultants to prepare. I started out with STC but found the material too dense and wordy as a study guide, so I coughed up nearly $500 for Training Consultants. I also purchased the test bank from Pass Perfect. The PP and STC practice exams seemed to include material that I was not familiar with. I was already so invested with Training Consultants, I just stuck with them. They have only 4 practice tests and I took them each once and scored 76%, 78%, 83% and 83% in that order. I studied a considerable amount. The information is not hard to understand, but it is or was very hard to remember given the sheer volume. I suggest anyone taking this test make a kind of Cheat Sheet to put all the information that you want to remember in just a few pages and try to memorize that. The long sentences and legalese language just makes it difficult to remember. It has been about 10 years since I last took a test and I wish I had made the Cheat Sheet earlier. At times I want back to the STC material to cover topics that weren’t making sense from TC and realized that STC actually did a pretty good job with the material, but not a great job at boiling it all down. I haven’t read any study material from PP, but the advertisement shows that have a comprehensive study guide and then a short 200 page guide where the boil stuff down - which is what I was hoping for from STC. As I have indicated earlier, the performance on the TC practice tests seem have the best correlation with performance on the actual test - in my experience. Earlier postings on this site indicate that people scored lower on the actual test than they did on practice exams for STC and PP - which was the opposite of my experience. I really thought I was borderline going in and I studied a lot. But after I started, it seemed very easy for the first 60 questions and got harder after that. The high level of preparation seemed to pay off - allowing me to eliminate the wrong answers and know how FINRA might think on questions where I wasn’t sure. This was my first shot at the 24 and being a research analyst about 95% of the stuff was new to me. I would have gladly settled for a lower passing score for less prep time. Hopefully this posting helps someone and good luck!

Jun 17, 2015 4:55 pm

I am getting ready to start the process of taking the 24. I have used Kaplan for many other things and have had decent success. Is this still a viable option?

Also, what extra CE requirements are there for the 24? Thanks.

Sep 22, 2015 5:11 pm

I just took the S24 and passed with an 87%. I started with Kaplan books (which I had used for the CFA & CAIA) but I found that their question bank actually was just OK. I bought the PassPerfect online exams as a supplement which were clutch. On the real exam there were maybe 5-10 questions that I hadn’t seen before (as opposed to the 25 or so people had mentioned above) so there weren’t too many surprises. I thought most of the unknown questions were intuitive. I read the Kaplan book once through to get the foundation and then just hammered out practice questions & tests. I was getting 65%-75% on the practice exams and PassPerfect did say that on the real test you’re likely to get 10% on top of practice exam scores, which was accurate. The materials is dry as hell and 90% of it I’ll never use because we’ll never be a market maker or trading firm but they want to just hammer this stuff in your head once so it’s somewhere in there.

Jan 24, 2016 1:05 am

I am preparing for series 24 and was wondering if someone can please advise me on good flashcards that I can revise at work. slimraeli… what were your scores like on Kaplan practice tests (full length).Thanks.

Jan 25, 2016 1:38 pm

GB0324, I am also preparing for the exam. I am not sure of how “good” these are, but there is an App for iPhone (maybe android) and a website called “Quizlet”. There you can make your own flash cards and play games to remember them, etc. You can also view other people’s flashcard sets. Using someone else’s flashcard set would save you some time, but you have to be careful of the accuracy of information. …but I wanted to share that idea! Good luck to you!

Apr 5, 2016 3:41 am

I would recommend Solomon Exam Prep. I have used STC and Kaplan and Solomon is the only one of the three that sufficiently train for the real exam. Their questions require deeper understanding and are harder than the actual test, making it feel like a breeze.

May 1, 2016 11:19 pm

Took the Series 24 Friday and passed with a 78% I used the Kaplan book and then Training Consultants online exams. Similar to another person earlier, I scored 74%, 78% and then 73% on the three Training Consultants Online Finals (didn’t have time for the last one). Perhaps 20 or 25 questions on TC finals were verbatim to the real exam. The Kaplan tests are unreliable. Their material (book) is awesome if you go slow, highlight all the important parts and take your time knowing the details.

You cannot cram for a week and expect to beat this exam.

If you pair the TC online question bank with a Kaplan, STC or a Solomon book, you can pass this with a few weeks of effort. I would write on a notecard why I missed a question in as few words as possible. These notecards became my master “I Don’t Know List” that I cleared up before I took the real exam. I added to it after each final with more missed ones. I would write myself reminders and notes. Finally I went through these cards in my car at the testing center before the real test.

Glad I read this forum before my studying so I could recognize that “road map” and succeed.

May 30, 2016 5:35 pm

Thanks to all for the advice above. I’ve got about two to three weeks to pass this exam (last second notice). Based upon what I’ve read, I’m going to do the following three things: 1) Use either Kaplan or Solomon as a base guide 2) Do the exams from Training Consultants (as those are the ones most mentioned above as closest to the real thing) and 3) use some sort of flash card system to help reinforce it all.

I’d welcome any and all feedback. Thanks!

Jun 28, 2016 7:03 pm

Took the 24 today and passed with a 78%. This was my second time taking it, 64%. I originally used Kaplan like I had for the 7, 63, and 65 but their material did not prepare me for the real exam. Their book is great, their test bank is easy. I was making in the 80’s on the Kaplan tests before taking the exam. I then resorted to STC, these guys have it down. Their test were hard but helped out tremendously. I was scoring in the mid to low 80’s. I also took their live online class and read the manual. I would say the biggest piece of advice I could give for people taking it the second time is to act like you have never taken the exam before. Study like its brand new to you and do not skip over sections because you “think” you know them. For people that are taking it the first time, put effort into it. Eat, sleep, and breath this test. Suffer now, so that you can pass the first time.

Hope some of this helps!

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