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Just Left my B/D....Need Advice

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Feb 1, 2006 4:19 am

[quote=joedabrkr][quote=Dirk Diggler]

[quote=TOPBROKR]Always coming through with a smart a** remark instead of something of substance. Why don't you go back into the hole you came out of Dirk!! [/quote]

This would be a great opportunity to mention your mother, but I have too much class for that.

The reason I ask is that I've never heard of a top broker, such as yourself, leaving a firm without another one to go to. Why did they fire you? The answer to that question makes all the difference in the advice that you will receive. Tell us the truth about what happened and we will give you the best advice that we can.


   Just noticed the boldfaced line....holy hell dirk that one was a true classic and one of your best!


Thanks. I'm always trying to improve.