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Have you bought a book recently?

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Jun 1, 2007 4:28 am

nope am a realtor in NM.  You write just like Bobby Hull-are you him? A sentence is a sentence unless you're in jail.  It seems that DustBunny and ym are the only females allowed on the site-very well then. I am still waiting for Sampson to email me some information unless you are Sampson, too?  Talk about an Identity Crisis! Geeze!

You seemed to have written the book on how to have a pleasant personality?

Jun 1, 2007 3:37 pm

Joe, come on.  Ignore and don't respond.

Back to the topic.

I too would have said that I was not interested in any book except for a fee based one.  BUT, I have inherited some non fee accounts, and you can make some money there.  A little monthly boost when you need it.

But cold calling and even seminars??? a very tough road. 

Jun 1, 2007 5:08 pm

If I stick around here, I'll be buying the farm due toall of the toxity and vexactions to my spirit.

I may login and read if I'm amused.  I'm currently 'slightly' amused at oldproducer and exproptrader.  Where's that smart Jack Handy feller? oh that's right, someone posted his name here! There was a proir 'lance' poster who was very funnie!  Funny: the strange facination with my ass.  Smart but weird people here!  This site is really good for a good laugh.  Oh my goodness!

I might pm if I'm amused enuf ... but don't hold ur breath or bet the farm!


Way too much toxity and nastiness for me to continue posting but I'll read&lurk no need to cry or get your rep bloomers all bunched up.

BTW: caught George Carlin's latest bit on HBO LATE last night: what a venomous guy he is but agree that the govt doesn't give a sh*t about us.  He thinks there should be a new reality show for suicide: why did that remind me of the evil cyber bullies here! 10&btnG=Google+Search&as_epq=George+Carlin&as_oq =&as_eq=&lr=&as_ft=i&as_filetype=&as_qdr =all&as_nlo=&as_nhi=&as_occt=any&as_dt=i&amp ;as_sitesearch=&as_rights=&safe=images

Jun 1, 2007 7:14 pm

ps:  I hear Dr. Death is outof prison and is lookin for a new assistant.

The suicide encourager on this site might be interested in the job!

There's even a new R&B song dedicated to the suicide encourager, too!