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Condition of the market

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Mar 19, 2007 3:33 am

[quote=Bobby Hull][quote=Indyone]The day the dow lost 500 points, I took a $100K hit on a $32 million+ book.  You can extrapolate that to see what might happen if we take a larger hit.  If the Dow is at 10K by Sept, I’ll be surprised, but I’ll certainly survive.  I took a bigger hit than that a few years back and I think I’m better positioned today than I was then.  I may not get full market participation, but at the same time, I won’t lose my or my clients’ shirts.  I’m not going into a shell either.  The market WILL make my clients money…it’s just a matter of when.  No way am I sitting on the sidelines due to fear.

Don't worry about me...I'm here to stay...

[/quote]I refuse to call you a liar in public.[/quote]

You're doubting me after I nailed the Wisconsin call?.  Hey, I won't deny some fortuitous calls and asset classes outside common stocks that skewed my overall performance, and I won't tell you that I didn't look twice, but it happened.  Even idiots can win the lottery.