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Client actually asked for it

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Oct 4, 2005 11:42 am

babbling looney, I made up numbers simply because no one on this board is a prospective client.

I do think that it is critical for everyone who sells annuities with guarantees look at the actual contract and understands the annuitization rate.  All companies are different.  A good exercise is to call up a company that offers living benefits that must be annuitized.  100% of the time, you will find that their annuitization rates in these contracts are lower than their SPIA rates.  You will also find that the higher the guarantee, the lower the annuitization rate in the contract.

It's different at all ages, but what I've discovered is that regardless of the company or the rate guarantee, it really works out to around 3%.  In other words, if the actual return is 3% or greater, the client is better off using a SPIA at that point instead of taking the 5,6, or 7% and annuitizing using the contractual rates.