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Care to Share your 2007 Goals?

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Dec 9, 2006 2:24 am

That's deep.

Dec 9, 2006 2:27 am


this will work


Enjoyed the stroll down Amnesia Lane!

Is that an original Stratocaster or one of the new ones?

Dec 9, 2006 3:03 am

[quote=joedabrkr] [quote=aldo63]

this will work[/quote]

Are you the fat chick playing keyboards?[/quote]

Had to fix Joe's was hurting my eyes...

I'm guessing orange shirt, rhythm guitar...having a hard time imagining the lead guitar in a suit...but I like the Stratocaster...

I've got a 70's vintage Fender Precision bass sitting in the closet rotting...oh for the days of old...

Dec 9, 2006 4:04 am

I've got a Gibson Les Paul and a Domino Californian.

A blast from the past, to be sure! 

Dec 9, 2006 4:18 am

the fat chick is the drummers wife. she can really sing well.(mama cass?) it just sucks when you have a chick in the band and the best looking person in the band is a guy. yes, i am on rhythm guitar. i also played bass and keyboard that day.. i got to sing get back( the beatle song ) on the roof that day the video is not done for that song yet.the lead guitar player , who is incredible, is my client. he is the band musical leader.when we mess up he gives us the dirty look. the singer is another broker who i worked with 20 years ago. he is now independent.  we have been renting the whole roof of this hotel for 15 years and , like the beatles, were not sure if the  we going to kicked  off. That added to the excitment. We had a pretty good crowd looking up as the day went on. we went through a quarter keg of dogfish pale ale that afternon. the video was shot by my college roomate,a doctor, a client, who came up fom South Carolina just to video it. 

Dec 9, 2006 6:04 am

[quote=rightway]A Kabillion (along with Joe)!!!

ahem…actually sir if you want to be a purist, the term is “eleventy kabillion”

Dec 9, 2006 5:17 pm

It's easy. Every time you smoke, fully engage yourself in the act of smoking. Do not unconsciously smoke - don't multitask (even drive), carry on a conversation. Do not limit your smoking in any way, but pay 100% attention the act of smoking itself. Watch yourself smoke with your full consciousness. Don't think, "I need to quit, I should quit, I broke down and had another cigarette, etc." Instead, only think about smoking. If you find yourself using the nicotene rush to propel other thoughts, bring those thoughts around to the act of smoking itself. Just engage in the act of smoking fully consciously. You will smoke less and less, and finally you will stop. This has worked for thousands of people. It will happen.

Very interesting!!!


I visited a client in the ICU - she had been a smoker for 40 years. She did not make it. The interesting thing was the attitude of the health care workers, doctors. I think you know the drill. Personally, this was very motivating with regard to the act of smoking, itself.

The key is to always engage in the external observation behaviour of yourself. Therefore, if you go for two days without smoking, and then you "break down" and have a cigarette,  you don't think, "well, that's it, I broke down and I can't quit". Rather, you go enjoy that cigararette that you "must have", and you think, "now I'm lighting up, now I'm inhaling, that nicotene rush feels good, man, I fell off the wagon, this could hurt my health, look how my hand automatically goes to my cigarette pocket, even when I am not going to smoke, man that nicotine rush feels good, hey I made it for two days, and now I am really enjoying this cigarette (you do need to really enjoy it as part of objective observation) etc.

A fellow retells a story in the September Investment Advisor Magazine. A bunch of farmers find a really good horse wandering around the fields. No one wants to claim it because this is a really fine animal, its stature and temperament reflect well on the owner and it should obviosly be returend.

One farmer mounts the animal and directs it to the road. The animals starts walking in a certain direction, pull moves off the path to graze and drink water. The farmer keeps pulling the animal onto the path, and eventually they arrive at the  owners door. The delighted owner pats down the excited horses face and asks the farmer how he knew where to bring the animal, and the farmer says explains that the horse knew but needed to be kept on the path.

We can all use our intuition and experience to guide us to success in achieving our goals in 2007. We have to hold ourselves accountable through objective externalization and watching ourselves, but not self condemnation or rationalization. We can share our success and insights, and help hold each other acccountable.

Jun 3, 2007 12:45 am

My goal for 2007 was:

1. Cease all cold-calling and cold marketing tactics

2.  to get 25 fee clients, each paying a minimum of 1500 for the plan

3. Make 100k GDC through fees, broker referrals, and implementation

4. Get 250 personal introductions, which would lead to the 25 closed fees

5. Have all six CFP modules passed and sit for final exam in November 2007.

6. Get tight with at least one Estate/Trust attorney who understood the financial planning world and at least one CPA who fits that description.

7. Prove to my mother that I have a real job. See #3 above for details.

8. Find a partner in the business and prepare for the admin that I will hire in 2009.

Jun 3, 2007 3:38 am

Good stuff, mdangerlo.

Have been implementing my plan of serving the heck out of my book and spending informal time with clients and their friends, using golf lesson/lunch events. Absolutely no cold marketing (to grow the business from here).

For me, just focusing on above takes the place of all marketing worries, but I am established and comfortable.

I appreciate your perspective. This type of sharing is worthwhile.

Jul 15, 2010 6:43 pm


07 goals?

Might quit smoking

Maybe lose some weight

Thinking about starting to exercise

That should about cover it for 07. I'll put off possibly reading a book until 08.


SO how did you do on your goals, Bond Guy?