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AUM and golf (not for newbies)

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Apr 14, 2007 6:21 pm

[quote=silouette][quote=joedabrkr] [quote=Bobby Hull][quote=silouette]

 Don't see many pretty sheep out on the links these days.

Do you know anything about geese?


Seriously...your sh*t is pretty weak.


I'll second that....

 Awlright Joe, the hunnymoon is over, and you're runnin with Bobby.

You must get mean when you drink. Yer a** is grass.

Anyway, at least my sh*t don't stink - that's the signature of the herd.

( Boy, Bobby sure is clever at creatively flicking sh*t, blows me away.)


Well...ya gotta figure Bobby is clever at SOMETHING other than slingin' annuities!