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Anna Nicole Smith

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Feb 26, 2007 4:13 pm


James Brown, the hardest working man in show bidness! Been dead two months, he's STILL on tour! And that's on the good foot!

Mar 5, 2007 1:51 am

Am I missing something here?  Did they determine who the daddy is?

Seems the mom's desire to have her buried with the stars (and if son's body could have been exhumed) would have been best but at least it all worked out and she is a Bahama Mama just like she wanted.

Had she gotten some had counseling to deal with her grief, things might have turned out badly.  HEY, maybe a good financial advisor could have helped her since obviously it was MONEY that caused her woes.  She was the hardest working woman in the TrimSpa biz and they made her wear this heavy metal necklace:  I heard she had to have three months of traction and physical therapy after wearing that thing.  

In the end, what does money really get you but a nice burial plot in the Bahamas.

HEY, with all of the bad publicity surrounding her taking that old guy's money--at least he died with a smile on his face.

Who's the baby's daddy?

  Anyway, we can be glad that we weren't more rich and famous after the way the media has trashed Anna Nicole Smith.

Mar 5, 2007 2:06 am

HEY, I know, I know! bad grammar!

Had she gotten some had counseling to deal with her grief, things might have turned out.

I'll try that again:  Had she gotten some grief counseling to deal with her grief over her son's death, things might have turned out differently.  ...If your down and troubled and need a helping hand, just remember to get help and call your shrink.  If that doesn't work, shave your head and check yourself into a clinic,  two or maybe three times for good measure.  

Did I get that right:  she had a will to write out any future children that she had?? 


Mar 6, 2007 1:25 am

more on this morbid, icy subject:

Speaking of posponing burials, my cousin in AZ said they have a corp that specializes in freezing people as with that baseball player (Ted Williams) who lost his head.  They currently have an exhibit at the AZ Science Museum with volunteered, donated real bodies that were donated to Science for art purposes (this exhibit was created by a German Scientist).  Apparently the show is doing well; not something I'd want to see.  My cousin gets freaked out when he sees the billboards advertising this freak show since he thinks it's disrespectful to exhibit dead bodies this way (yes, they have been preserved beyond recognition in different poses and the German guy said that they wanted to donate their body for this.

Let's hope if a burial is postponed, they're at least preserved "on ice".  May their souls rest in peace.  Hey!  James Brown's legacy lives on in his very kool get-down music!  Nicole's legacy lives on in her modeling photos and knowing that she really loved her son goes to show she was a good person.