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500k in Production

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Aug 6, 2007 10:53 am

You know I have heard the arguement about going indie.. I get your position ..but for me ..having been at EDJ (spare me the rant) and a  regional planning firm of only 30 people.. I like being at a bank And yes I can psopect.. I hold seminars now.. and I am not saying I will be here forever either..

I know ..they are taking ..whatever ..but when you get down to my payout and bennie's and everything else (full time SA/ modern office  overlooking a river/ year  end bonus / matches on 401k/ pension plan contributions/ stock options / season tickets to the box seats )  .. it is about 20% more whcih I know I would keep if I was to be indie..

So blast away about my intellect or whatever snide remarks you may like..

It is what it is..

[quote=Bobby Hull]

[quote=whitewlfz]And if you are wanting to know what I will make net ..which is the point every Indie likes to bring up... I will get 37 points on every dollar and a 4 point bonus at year end on the total mentioned above..[/quote]

Actually, I'm more interested in what service your employer provides for you that is worth $300,000. No intelligent person would pay that kind of money if they didn't feel like it was worth it.

Aug 6, 2007 3:54 pm

[QUOTEI am going to be paid on $525k this year roughly ..and tben bonuse on $200k ..from the team..[/quote]

SO, that's $202,250?  A nice living to be sure.  Like us Indies have said, the reason we went indie is that if you can budget and keep costs down, your net payout is higher, meaning you can fire your PITA clients, have a smaller book, and get paid the same on a net basis.

My example, I did $540,000 at a bank and got 35% = $189,000

In 2006, I did $353,500, and my net was 72.74%, so I got $257,136, and my book was $13 million less than at the I got a 36% raise to go indy with nobody looking over my shoulder or cutting payouts.........

Aug 7, 2007 2:50 am

I am in my 5th year at a wirehouse, $500k in T-12.  It wasn’t that hard