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Jan 3, 2011 1:55 am

[quote=Spaceman Spiff]

That rhetoric sounds like it's coming from a guy who really doesn't know what Dave Ramsey's program is really all about.  Investing really isn't the main focus.  It's about getting people to think about what they're actually spending money on.  Then it's about planning on how to get out of debt so they can start to become the clients that we are all looking for. 

I certainly wouldn't rely on what I hear from Dr. Phil's show to fix my marital problems.  There's a huge difference between getting pop psychology advice from Dr. Phil and learning how to budget properly from Dave Ramsey. 

And to answer your two questions -

1) Not entirely, that's why I'm calling you

2) The man has pulled himself out of bankruptcy twice and is now a multi millionaire - so yes, I'd take financial advice from him.  Would you take financial advice from Donald Trump?  How about Walt Disney or Henry Ford?  All of those folks, along with countless others, have filed bankruptcy and gone on to become incredibly wealthy.  Dave doesn't try to hid that he has filed for bankruptcy twice.  Instead he's telling people that he knows what it's like and here's what to do to avoid it.  And he probably has about 10X the amount of money you do. 

I don't agree with the investment suggestions he gives in his program.  It's far too basic.  But the average person could do themselves a lot of good if they followed his advice on budgeting, spending, and saving. 


I normally would not respond to something like this, but there are likely new FAs reading this, and feel obligated to make a point.

First, I am a believer that failure is often a much better teacher than success.  With that said, it is purely ludicris to put Dave Ramsey in the same peer group as Trump, Disney or Ford.  If you were trying to make a point, it didn't happen.  Here's a knucklehead that teaches people in essence to live on less than they make, and you think he is similar to some captains of industry?

Second, I would not call Dave Ramsey incredibly wealthy.  Maybe affluent would be a better word choice.  I would argue his net worth is less than $2M, and definately not any greater than $5M.  To assume that he is worth 10x more than me is funny, given you do not know who I am.  And, yes, I am familiar with him.

Jan 3, 2011 3:21 am

Are you the co-owner of Zander Insurance?  ROFL