Rookie Question

Jul 15, 2013 5:52 am

So I'm being recruited now by UBS, I just had a first phone call with them last week.  He mentioned something about a salary as an FA, is that typical/feasible?? I wont hear from them in a couple days, so i'm just asking to make sure.  Also, whats the biggest challenge in getting clients?? I actually thought it was going to be quite easy to close people, if you present yourself well and show how you can add long-term value to their investment goals. I have extensive experience with investments, starting at age 15 when I began trading fo myself until recently (I'm 22).  I started 2 successful under-the-table funds, both times raising money by myself. I found it fun, exhilarating and fairly easy to pitch!

So is most of the trouble as an FA due to people not buying funds or is it the lack of good products at some firms? I checked UBSs' funds and they offer a wide array of products, I'm pumped! lol someone bridle my enthusiasm, please! I like to hear things for the way they are.

Nov 7, 2013 12:11 am

No need to bridle your enthusiasm! It will help you sell. I think the biggest setback is building trust with no experience. However, you have a story to tell and stories sell! Know your products, be enthusiastic, and tell your story. A recipe for success.