MetLife Resources?

Sep 18, 2008 5:54 pm

Hello everyone…I have been working for two years at an independent firm which basically has not given me any training. Everything I’ve learned was picked up on my own from trial and error to reading sites like this one. I was put on 100% commissions after 12 months (with no training) and basically no mentoring. It has been quite a rough ride and even though things are finally starting to come along, I updated my resume’ to keep my options open and to possibly fine-tune my skills somewhere else.

  I have been offered a sales rep job with MetLife Resources. In the past, I turned down a job at Met but MetLife Resources I've been told is very different. The client base are NFP entities such as municipalities, school districts, and hospitals who are already clients of Met. I have been told that my "foot in the door" with the employees is that I am there to help them design their retirement account (easy enough). I then cross sell these people other products and services like personal investment accounts and insurance products which is similar to what I'm doing now. One thing I liked is that I can sell any company's products not just proprietary products.   I was wondering if anyone here has even heard of MetLife Resources because before now, I have not. Also, if anyone has any pro's/con's it'd be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!   -Bob
Sep 19, 2008 12:55 am

They do 403b plans for non profts.  You will probably be an “education” rep that goes out and does enrollment meetings for the 403b. Once you meet with the participants in the plan, you will try to cross sell them.  Probably much different from being in the other metlife group where you have to go out and find your own clients.  Other 403b vendors have similar setups like TIAA and Valic, I think.