Best Place for a Rookie to Cut His Teeth

Mar 8, 2013 1:37 am

I'm in the midst of a major career transition. Having done a fair amount of thought and research, I decided on Wealth Management/Private Banking as opposed to Investment Banking/Private Equity/Sales & Trading etc. Because I am coming into the financial services industry from a largely unrelated field (research/intelligence analysis), I decided to commit to the CFP program at Georgetown University. I felt this would give me a good idea if I had an aptitude for the material and to obtain a solid foundation, albeit academic rather than practical. I felt this would lend some credence to my resume. 

That being said, obviously I don't have the benefit of hindsight and am asking for inisght from others who are already in the field. I would like to know where the best place to cut my teeth would be e.g. Private Bank, Wirehouse, Regional Bank, BB, etc. Which of those would be more likely to take on a career changer who has a solid foundation as well as transferable skills such as solid communication and presentation skills, excellent research and analytical skills, and now a solid foundation in investments and portfolio management. Which might be a better bet in terms of more of a fixed salary that someone could support themselves on? 

Any serious/considerate insight would be greatly appreciated.



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