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Sep 22, 2011 3:56 am

July 8, 2009 photographed particularly for your party of Eight leaders

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. Belstaff for your summit, leaders presented a restricted edition dark leather-based jacket, but additionally for your initial Lady to style and design probably the most exquisite women’s trench coat.

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Malenotti employer informed Reuters: “Every jacket is tailor-made, every jacket has the signature of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.” He’s purchased in 2004 the brand. This is typically a dark jacket embroidered best chest pocket with Italian flags and also a hint on the party of Eight.

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produced of lightweight and durable materials produced of cotton, not just water resistant and breathable. Return towards the Belstaff jacket conventional design and durable style line, along with other adventure outfits brands, for instance TE Lawrence and Che Guevara has long been in use this route. Malenotti said: “As the summit was held in L’Aquila, we wish to reflect a feeling of safety and protection-related things.” right after the summit, the community will be also

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for sale. a single percent of product sales would be donated towards the

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in L’Aquila base facilitates nearby people.