Jazz Music Enthusiast Marshall Swing Debuts Hilarious New Parody Track With A Powerful Message About Global Finance

Aug 31, 2015 8:45 pm

Jazz music enthusiast Marshall Swing debuts hilarious new parody track “Blythe The Knife”, with a powerful message. If you keep up with global finance and are aware of the corruption of banks, you’ll need to listen to this song - it'll crack you up! Marshall Swing is a music lover who draws from different genres and philosophies to aid in his songwriting; and this makes him a fun artist to listen to! Check out the teaser video of his parody “Blythe The Knife” here: bit.ly/Ms-Blythe.

Marshall Swing is also the only analyst who was able to correctly predict the crash of gold and silver about 4 years ago! Not only is he a talented musician, but an analyst and a keen activist too. He channels all of these passions into his music and it makes for some really good listening. There is a lot you could learn from his song, and its always fun to learn and. “Blythe The Knife” is available for purchase here: bit.ly/MS-BTF.

To find out more about the amazing Marshall Swing, check him out on Facebook at: bit.ly/M-S-Facebook, Youtube at: bit.ly/M-S-YouTube, Twitter at: bit.ly/M-S-Twitter and on his website at www.MarshallSwing.com.

Jun 17, 2016 8:03 am

Marshall,is it you?..