How to rid a site of

Aug 20, 2007 12:59 am

control freak bullies!

Why's all's you needs to do is shake your tail feathers at them.

If it works for should work in getting the weasels in line, too.  Ain't that right, Da2 and Wilma? squirrels-hot-tails_N.htm

We did it!  Of course, they're welcome here if that act like adults.

Aug 20, 2007 3:16 am

So who's the leader of the moron pack?  You, DA2, or William?

Aug 20, 2007 4:58 am

not me, I admit I don’t know much about finances.  I haven’t read DA2’s posts …would be toss up between them.

Aug 20, 2007 5:01 am

Aug 20, 2007 5:14 pm
Aug 20, 2007 6:38 pm

[quote=GGGR]not me, I admit I don't know much about finances.  [/quote]

Then why are you on here? 

Aug 20, 2007 8:39 pm

Because I want to be; how does that grab ya?  Mind your own bizwax.

Sure, I'm in Billings: weather is fine.