EDJ - Goodknight Program

Jul 26, 2018 12:24 am

Would like to get other's opinions and experiences with EDJ and the Goodknight program. I've been in talks with a local FA who has a very large portfolio that would actually get split into thirds based on what regional managers have discussed. They would like someone to do a GK program and then eventually split off the other 2/3 when this person is ready to step away. The amount I could potentially "inherit" would be $80MM+.

Is the studying/training regimen different between a GK candidate vs new/new? If so, how?

If able to step into a position like this, in others' experiences, how much is generally transferred initially to a GK FA? $10-$20-$30MM and the rest after the 2yr program is complete?

I've always had a job that's been salary with bonus/incentives (banking business). What are/were some of your biggest challenges when transferring to a job that eventually turns to commissions/bonuses only? Does the GK portfolio when transferred instantly start generating commissions for the GK candidate like when it was in the FA's name?

Although...I've read where EDJ will sometimes pay a MGS...how much does that generally account for?

What are EDJ's monthly, quarterly, annual goals for GK candidates and new/new offices?

Thanks for your input.