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Matt Harvey And The Fed

Matt Harvey And The Fed

It's a tense time in Florida. Matt Harvey is pitching.After "Tommy John" surgery, an elbow procedure named after its first successful patient, and a year of rehab, Harvey is back on the mound. Experts know the only way to know he's back is if he "airs it out," throws as hard as he can, against live batting, and for a full game. Yesterday's four innings won't quiet the critics.This is where the Federal Reserve sees the U.S. economy as well. After a serious economic operation in 2009, we've been in various forms of rehab since 2010. It's time to see if America still has its fastball, and the only way to do that is to go the equivalent of nine innings with real interest rates.The world holds its breath. Because the whole world is on the table. Quantitative easing has become the financial equivalent of Tommy John… Read More …

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