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Executive Roundtable Journal
Using The 3 C-Drivers  as a Strategic Lens

Welcome to the Executive Roundtable Journal

If you're a senior executive, read this first

By Matt Lynch

For many years Strategy & Resources, LLC has been looking for a way to share key learnings, observations and insights gathered from our research, experiences and consulting practice. With the help of the team at Wealth Management, we are able to bring this new journal to life, both in this hardcopy form as well as through a new digital content channel from where you’ll find additional timely content geared for the board member and senior executive. We thought it important to differentiate from other publications by featuring senior executives and board members from leading financial services companies.

As announced at the Industry Awards last fall, we gathered a group of Award finalists for the inaugural Executive Roundtable, which is included as a feature in this edition. Their viewpoints on strategy in the context of the 3Cs (current industry trends) lead to great insights.

This first issue of Executive Roundtable features several related articles and, with the help of Marie Swift who also served as Managing Editor for this issue, a profile on how founders of a leading firm, Simply Money Advisors, made decisions at each stage of the business lifecycle.

But beyond “just” being a good, content-rich magazine and content channel, we envision taking steps to create a truly participatory community — one where those who qualify through the merits of their seniority in the financial services industry and their status as finalists in the annual Industry Awards can share with and learn from their peer group. With this in mind, I invite you to visit the Executive Roundtable portal where you can express your interest in participating in a survey panel or a future executive roundtable, contribute your thoughts in the form of a thought leadership piece or suggest a firm to profile in the form of a case study.

I hope you find this first edition of Executive Roundtable helpful as you consider major business decisions this first quarter of the year and in the future.

Matt Lynch, Editorial Director,
Executive Roundtable Journal

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Executive Roundtable: Using The 3 C-Drivers as a Strategic Lens

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