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On the Cover: March 2021

Legal editor Anna Sulkin discusses this month's cover.

Take a look at this month's Trust & Estates digital magazine where we explore the pandemics impact to small businesses and more.

Our cover this month, Evening Sunset by Thomas deDecker, sold for $9,520 at Jackson Hole Art Auction in 2020 in Jackson Hole, Wyo. Originally interested in archeology and anthropology, deDecker was inspired to tap into his creative side after viewing a student art show at his university. Despite his somewhat late start, deDecker’s beautiful landscapes exude the talent and skill of someone with decades of training.

The color and tranquility of the nature scenes conveyed in his work is meant to elicit a certain mood and feeling in the viewer. According to deDecker, a simple portrayal of what one sees isn’t enough for his paintings to be successful; they must also instill a sense of atmosphere. His underlying appreciation of people and nature is on display in each creation. 

Speaking of appreciation, our Family Businesses Committee Report this month does a deep dive into how family businesses, many reeling from the impact of the pandemic, rose to the occasion this past year, standing by and supporting their communities and employees even when faced with hardships unlike ever before. The Report also examines why now’s a good time as ever for family businesses to embrace diversity and inclusion in their companies. The pandemic has certainly placed a spotlight on the worth of human capital. Here’s to hoping for a Spring as cheery and colorful as our cover.


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