Advisor Views on The Economy

Advisor Views on The Economy

REP. recently surveyed over 2,000 advisors across channels about their views on the economy and business as part of its 2015 AdvisorBenchmarking All-Channel Report. Here’s what they had to say.  

Wirehouse Advisors More Bullish

Wirehouse advisors are more bullish than independent broker/dealer advisors and RIAs when asked about their overall outlook on the regional, U.S. and global economies. Wirehouse FAs are especially positive on the global economy, with 81 percent either slightly or very bullish, while IBD advisors and RIAs are less enthusiastic.


Alternatives Under Consideration

Alternative equity funds are the top consideration for advisors among all investable asset classes for the coming year. IBD advisors are the most likely to consider alternative investments, at 30 percent.


Measuring Optimism

Advisors in the South are the most optimistic about their regional economy, with wirehouse advisors again more bullish than IBD reps and RIAs. Their optimism may be due in part to the economic success of states like Texas, which have seen large improvements in unemployment and fiscal deficits in recent years.

Percentage of advisors across channels who are either bullish or very bullish about economic prospects in these regions. 

Source: 2015 AdvisorBenchmarking All-Channel Report

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