RIA Trend Report 2016: Advisors' Economic Outlook

RIA Trend Report 2016: Advisors' Economic Outlook

Economic Outlook

As we did last year, we asked respondents to characterize their outlook for the global, U.S. and regional economies. When we group the bullish and slightly bullish responses together, we find that approximately 60% of advisors fall into this camp for the U.S. and their respective regional geographies but less than 50% of them are at least slightly bullish on the global economy. When we focus only on the bullish response, we also find that advisors are more optimistic the closer they are to home. More specifically, only 6% of RIAs are bullish in their outlook for the global economy, while 14% and 17% hold the same view of the U.S. and regional economies, respectively. These findings are likely the result of the perceived slowdown in the Chinese economy, continued challenges in some parts of Europe, and a sense that the U.S. automotive and housing markets are relatively healthy. 

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