Risks and Rewards in Dealing with Addicted Beneficiaries

If you have a client or a beneficiary with an addiction problem you are probably up nights worrying about the risks associated with capital preservation and invasion of principal. Fortunately, recovery is possible and can have a lasting effect on your relationships with the family and your clients.

Affluence can bring easy access to costly addictions. It can also insulate clients and their families from the negative consequences of addiction. So it's crucial that advisors understand the emotional, financial and legal risks that addictive behaviors represent.

But how do you go about navigating the risks in this complex situation?

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Know your risk as a Trustee/Advisor--The true size and scope of the problem, common perceptions vs. reality, and the potential impact on your business.
  • Understand the nature of addiction--Defining addiction in medical and behavioral terms, and how to make sense of what you are seeing.
  • Gain practical approaches to working with addicted clients--Leveraging clinical treatment and financial success; using specialists in addiction to assist Trustees; designing language that anticipates behavioral discretion; and educating trust departments.


TAGS: Research
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