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Seven Must Reads for the CRE Industry Today (Sept. 21, 2021)

WeWork plans to begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange in mid-October, reports Bloomberg. All Storage is exploring the possibility of a sale, according to The Real Deal. These are among today’s must reads from around the commercial real estate industry.

  1. WeWork to Start Trading in October, Two Years After IPO Crash “WeWork Cos. plans to begin trading its shares around Oct. 21 on the New York Stock Exchange, nearing the end of a years-long journey to the public markets.” (Bloomberg)
  2. All-Storage Courts $1B-Plus Sale with CBRE “All Storage operates 50 facilities in Texas and is reportedly exploring a sale after a decade of growth for self-storage business.” (The Real Deal)
  3. Standard Real Estate Launches with Focuses on Minority Investments “Hollywood-based Standard Real Estate Investments is making an investment in diversity. Founded by real estate veterans Robert Jue and Jerome Nichols, the commercial real estate firm is focused on providing joint venture equity to developers and improving access to capital for women and minority developers. ‘Like everybody else during the pandemic, we’ve been doing some soul searching, and we see good opportunities from an investment perspective,’ Jue said. ‘As minority executives ourselves, we thought we could do more to accelerate diversity and inclusion.’” (Los Angeles Business Journal)
  4. How Connected Tech Can Help Property Developers Reach Net Zero “Smart and AMR meters can allow you to see exactly how much energy your business is using. Along with helping to support your energy-efficiency efforts, intelligent metering technology also enables more accurate bills, and can help you reduce your utility bills. When we talk about smart meters and AMRs, we’re not just talking about gas and electricity; water efficiency also has an important role in helping us adapt to climate change, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mitigate further climate change, and reach net zero status.” (Information Age)
  5. What NYC Property Owners Need to Know about Life Sciences Real Estate Tax Incentives “Recent years have seen an intensified investment — public and private — in engineering a full ecosystem for life sciences to flourish. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the demand for New York real estate and increased demand for cutting-edge medical research, which further identified the need for life sciences as a “sub-industry” in real estate. This momentum has opened a world of opportunities for real estate investors to enter the market or to reinvent their existing facilities for housing the medical, pharmaceutical and other research-oriented sciences.” (Commercial Observer)
  6. How Trump Used Goats to Cut Millions of Dollars Off His Property Taxes, And Paid Just $700 Last Year “Former President Donald Trump paid just $700 in property taxes last year for the 119-acre portion of his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club that's registered as a working farm. The trick? Trump, who is fighting to keep his personal tax returns hidden from congressional investigators, occasionally invites goats to chow down on the chunk of the Garden State he scooped up in 2002.” (Business Insider)
  7. Making Streetside Dining Permanent “Opponents say that making outdoor dining permanent would compound neighborhood headaches. One neighborhood where opponents have been particularly vocal is the Lower East Side — ‘an incubator of what not to do,’ said Diem Boyd, the founder of the community group L.E.S. Dwellers. She complained that outdoor restaurants have contributed to an ‘open-air nightclub, wild, wild West atmosphere.’” (The New York Times)
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