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Note From The Editor: August 2015

Note From The Editor: August 2015

I’d like to dedicate this Editor’s Note to Rich Santos, our cherished publisher, who retired at the end of July after 28 years with Penton. Rich has been the stalwart leader of Trust & Estates for many years. And, everyone seems to know him! Even those of you who don’t know him personally would probably recognize his booming baritone from his moderating countless webinars, or, as he puts it, his “Tom Selleck voice in a George Costanza body.” Rich has the gift of being able to make real friends among his colleagues at work and on our editorial advisory board. He can enter a room where he knows no one and exit an hour later surrounded by 10 new friends. He enjoys bringing people together to network and equally important, to just have fun. I can picture him working the room at our Irish Coffee night at Heckerling, welcoming everyone and introducing people to one another so that they might make important business connections.

I know all of us here on the editorial team at Trusts & Estates have sought his advice on so many different matters. He knows just what to say to calm us down if we’re feeling stressed or to smooth over a misunderstanding with an author or other professional colleague. We’ll miss his wisdom, his guidance and his daily presence in the office. For those of you who’d like to keep in touch with Rich, his email is [email protected]  

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