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Mindy Diamond on Independence

Mindy Diamond on Independence: How The Perfect RIA's Matthew Jarvis Turned the Tables on His Career

Matthew Jarvis rose from near bankruptcy to running a profitable independent financial advisory practice. He shares his story plus key teachings on extreme accountability, delivering massive value to clients, and more.


This is one of those spectacular “rise from the ashes” stories—inspiring and with plenty of actionable lessons.

Matthew Jarvis runs the successful independent firm Jarvis Financial; he is an accomplished author, the co-owner of The Perfect RIA and the co-host of the podcast of the same, and the co-owner of Retirement Tax Services.

Yet a snapshot of his life a dozen years ago is very different.

At that time, as Matthew shares, he was buried in debt with a badly struggling practice and a morning routine of trying to figure out how to quit the industry without looking like a failure.

Through several turns of fate (including an opportunity to be coached by one of the industry’s most successful advisors, Tom Gau), Matthew clawed his way from near failure to the top of the industry.

Today Matthew is running a profitable business—and teaching other advisors how to duplicate his own success in their practices.

That is, a success system based on extreme accountability and delivering massive value to clients.

But the real kicker is that Matthew’s success isn’t accomplished by working 24/7 as one might think. Actually, it’s quite the opposite: He is widely known for sharing that he had achieved all this while taking some “250+ free days” —that is, days when he did not work.

How is that possible? Matthew reveals that and more with Louis Diamond, including:

  • The turning point in his career—and how he went from near bankruptcy to running an extraordinary business.
  • The key teachings from his book, Delivering Massive Value—and how to build the practice and lifestyle of your dreams.
  • The value of coaching and mastermind groups—and how both can change an advisor’s destiny.
  • Extreme accountability—and how the concept can help transform non-productive habits.
  • Delivering massive value—and what that means for clients and an advisor’s business.

Matthew discusses the practices that changed his business life and can change yours—each applicable to both independent and employee advisors. Yet it’s the ongoing dedication to delivering value to his clients which is really key to his success—a message that can be a real game changer as well.

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