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Mindy Diamond on Independence

Mindy Diamond on Independence: Erin Botsford's Second Act

The author, founder and CEO of The Advisor Authority offers success secrets for financial advisors and business owners on how to build and grow a self-sustaining business, designed for scale, succession, and to be attractive to acquirers.

Ask any advisor what their “why” is, and you’ll often hear about a uniquely personal experience that propelled a mission of helping others manage their financial lives.

For Erin Botsford, that mission was initially driven by misfortune and tragedy, leading her to realize that money gave people choices.

Erin started at zero, with hard work and perseverance driving her seven days a week. Yet even after working with various coaches and mentors, Erin saw that others were growing their wealth management practices faster and with greater ease.

But it was a chance meeting with a successful advisor named Paul that she credits for changing everything. Through careful observation, Erin learned how to grow her business and turn it into a completely self-sustaining one—allowing her to step away from daily activities with confidence.

In 2018, Erin’s LPL-affiliated firm, Botsford Financial Group, became the first major M&A transaction by now serial acquirer Merit Financial Group, a hybrid RIA in Atlanta, Ga.

That paved the way for this recipient of numerous industry accolades, including multiple Barron’s Top 100 honors, to start on her second act. That is, as the founder and CEO of The Advisor Authority, and sharing her formula for success with other advisors through the Elite Advisor Success System.

Erin’s also an accomplished author and frequent speaker at many of the industry’s leading events for wealth management.

In this episode, Erin shares her incredible backstory with Louis Diamond, plus:

  • Realizing she hit a wall in her growth—and what steps she took to turn her business around.
  • The real value of building a scalable business—and how the right people make all the difference.
  • The realization that business owners shouldn’t work 24/7—and how to “shift seats” with key team members and clients.
  • The importance of succession planning—and what other advisors need to know when preparing for their next chapter.

Erin shares her secrets for success and actionable advice for advisors and business owners on building a thriving business that will persist even in your absence and poised to become attractive to clients and buyers alike.

Learn more about Erin and The Elite Advisor Success System.

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