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Mindy Diamond on Independence

Mindy Diamond on Independence: Communicating the 'Why' of a Move to Your Clients

A financial advisor’s move should be to improve client service—because it’s the clients who ultimately drive business growth and value. Here’s how to communicate “what’s in it for them” so they fully understand the positive impact the change can bring.


When an advisor’s move is discussed, the value they derived from the change in firms or models often drives the conversation.

That is, what’s “best for the advisor.”

While the heavy lift of a transition sits firmly on the advisor’s shoulders, they also reap the rewards at the end of the day.

But as we say time and time again, the real impetus behind a move should be to improve client service. Because it’s the clients who drive the business growth and value, so doing right by them is imperative.

Yet the truth is that without communicating “what’s in it for them,” your clients may never understand the positive impact and value the change can bring. And ensuring a positive approach to the move will enhance your credibility and relationship.

In this episode, Mindy Diamond and Louis Diamond look at how to best identify and communicate the “why” of your move, including:

  • The advisor’s motivations for the move—and how their goals also impact the “why.”
  • The importance of the “why” of a move—and how to identify what’s most critical to include.
  • Communicating the value of a move to clients—and what key indicators are most important to them.
  • The benefits an advisor may realize by going independent—and how those benefits funnel down to the client.

Ultimately, while most advisors recognize the value of a move, many get stuck on how to communicate what’s most important to their clients. This episode provides key advice to drive that conversation.

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