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The Healthy Advisor: Reducing Employee Burnout With Gabriela Mauch

Contrary to popular belief, financial services employees are not working long hours, according to a recent analysis. But ActivTrak’s Gabriela Mauch says the industry still has a ways to go toward managing burnout.


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Managing employee burnout is key to creating a healthy workplace environment. But what steps should advisory and financial services firms be taking to reduce stress and burnout in the workplace?

In 2022, ActivTrak released a benchmark study on productivity and well-being within the financial services industry, revealing that this space is, in fact, better at managing burnout risk than other industries. For instance, compared with a cross-industry sample, 19% more employees have a healthy workload, and 23% fewer employees are overutilized.

In this episode,’s Managing Editor Diana Britton is joined by Gabriela Mauch, vice president of ActivTrak’s Productivity Lab, who says the positive statistics may belie the issues financial services firms need to work on. Gabriela provides a deeper dive into ActivTrak’s research and looks beyond the data to help us understand the real drivers of employee burnout and happiness.

Gabriela Mauch

Gabriela Mauch

Gabriela discusses: 

  • How financial planning firms today are managing burnout risk;
  • Other indicators of burnout, beyond hours worked;
  • What other dials companies can move to improve their employees’ well-being;
  • How to efficiently manage meetings, among other routine tasks;
  • The importance of quality conversations over quantity;
  • Leveraging team resources to increase productivity;
  • The power of distraction; 
  • How companies can reward the work and the outcomes of that work; 
  • And more.

If you have a struggle and wish to share your experiences and help others in similar situations, please reach out to Diana at [email protected].

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