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Where do the 1% live? Manhattan

Where do the 1% live? Manhattan


If you want to offer financial advice to this nation's wealthiest families, that top 1% targeted by the Occupy Wall Street protestors, there are a few zipcodes you might want to check out. A lot of them are in Manhattan. The one with the largest number of wealthy households is 10023 on the upper west side, with 7,621 such households, according to the Washington Post.

“That zip code, plus one other on the Upper West Side, one on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and the Washington suburb of Potomac, Maryland, each have about 0.2 percent of all the nation’s very high-income households. Rounding out the 20 zip codes with the most very high-income households are several in Manhattan (on the Upper East and Upper West Sides, Midtown East, and Greenwich Village), the New York suburb of Scarsdale, Chicago’s Lincoln Park, Cupertino in Silicon Valley, the Houston suburb of Sugar Land, part of Houston’s west side, the Chicago suburb of Barrington, Princeton, a suburban area north of San Diego, and the Washington suburb of Bethesda, Maryland. Wall Street itself doesn’t make the list, since few people live there.”

The Post cites Howard Wial of Brookings, who has put together some great maps for The Atlantic. Nationally the top 1% made at least $380,354 in annual income in 2008.

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