Von Aldo
Topless "Ladies" at a G. Sachs Partner's Party

Topless "Ladies" at a G. Sachs Partner's Party

200px-goldman_sachs_logo.pngRemember, earlier this year, when Goldman Sachs reported great profits? CEO Lloyd Blankfein advised employees not to show off their money, especially given that many other Americans were suffering in a recession not seen since the 1970s. Well, so much for the boss' advice. The New York Post's gossip column, Page Six, has an amusing item this morning about GS partner Richard Kimball Jr.'s raging parties at his Southampton beach house. The Post reports that the house he rented for the summer --- for $2.5 million --- "attracted the attention of Southampton police this summer with a series of rowdy parties, at least one of which involved topless women." What a lovely combination: to be single and a Master of the Universe. The firm and its employees can't seem to buy good press these days. No wonder.

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