Von Aldo

Is There a "New Normal" in Your Future? How to Invest in a Recession-like Economic Climate

The euqity market sure did rebound nicely in 2009 --- yet, as is typical, retail investors, scared off by the trauma of 2008, put a record sum in bond funds in 2009.

David Rosenberg, chief economist and strategist at Gluskin Sheff, said in his daily research report, Breakfast with Dave, "It may be safe to say that the equity culture is dead." Dave Rosenberg is a stereotypical New Normal thinker. He thinks that the U.S. economy is in slow-growth mode at best --- despite the Obama Administration's attempts to stimulate the economy.

In our January issue, online now, Brad Zigler, a long-time Registered Rep. contributing editor and the managing editor of Hard Assets Investor, details how to play the New Normal -- an economic climate marked by slow growth, high unemployment, rising interest rates and rising commodity prices. Please go to our homepage for his story, Is There a New Normal in Your Future?

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