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Von Aldo

At Schwab Impact, Pretty Girls

Yes, most financial advisors are balding men of a certain age. And, as usual, Schwab's annual conference for its RIA clients, held this year here in Boston this week, has a bunch of paunchy middle-aged men roaming the expo hall, all the tchotchkes they can carry, checking out the vendors (asset managers, software peddlers, and et al.). But at least one New York-based mutual fund manager --- a small, rather new fund ---- hired a beauty queen to stand by him at his booth to attract attention. (Seriously, I think he said she was Miss Virginia or something.)

"It's working," the manager told me over drinks last night. "I told her tomorrow [meaning today] to please wear something cleavage bearing. There's nothing wrong in asking her to do that, is there?"

(I nodded approvingly, nah, no harm in that.)

He explained to her his investing strategy, and, sure enough, there she was today, wearing a white blouse, top few buttons undone, gamely answering male advisors' questions about the fund.

Bear in mind that many fund managers hire attractive women to serve as their wholesalers and hang out at the booths during conferences. It's true most are professionally dressed (definitely more buttoned-up than Miss Virginia was). It is a fact: FAs are mostly men and women, especially smart, attractive ones, can get into see them easier than a fat, balding wholesaler.

It's a tough world out there and you have to get an edge where you can, no?

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