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In NYC, the gub'ment can steal your car

In NYC, the gub'ment can steal your car

800px-20080418_nyc_tow_trucks.jpg nyc-tow-truck.bmpThe New York Post reports today that the New York Police Department has increased pressure on its tow truck drivers to tow more cars per shift. The Post says drivers must now tow four cars an hour --- or face "stiff penalties" (i.e. no overtime, put on the graveyard shift, delayed or denied "time off" requests). The NYPD says the quota and punishment allegations are "absolutely not true."

I believe the tow truck drivers and the NYPost on this one. After all, New York City gub'ment, the city's biggest employer, is hurting and needs to raise money. (Consider that Wall Street accounts for 12% of the city's tax revenue.) Towing cars is lucrative, since the fees and penalties paid are hundreds of dollars, cash. I can speak from experience: I have had my own car towed from a street in my neighborhood in Brooklyn with only one parking ticket outstanding. (I had violated the alternate side of the street rule.) The point is the gub'ment can just "steal" your vehicle to get money out of you. Sure, you can't and shouldn't violate parking laws, but what other business is allowed to confiscate your property to get you to pay a bill --- a small sum? Imgaine you're late paying your dentist for your last tooth cleaning and check up. Imagine if he could send a tow truck to confiscate your property until you pay up, with fees added ever day the car is impounded? Why should the government be able to yank cars (that are not blocking traffic or impeding fire trucks or whatever) to extort more money from you?

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