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Baby Steps Into Social Media

Dear Abby,

I am feeling very overwhelmed with all the “social networking” I am supposed to be doing.  I cannot seem to find the time to get my social sites up and running.  And then even if I do get my firm’s profile page up, what do I do with them next?  I’m 52 years old and don’t quite get all of this social networking and yet I know I am suppose to be embracing it.  Can you help?

Dan, Pittsburgh, PA

Dear Dan,

I think what you are feeling is quite normal.  With the average age of advisors in their 50’s, we have heard a lot of the same.  Advisors know they need to adopt new tactics when it comes to both social networking and websites, but they don’t know where to start.  While there are many guidebooks and articles (link to article on social networking) telling you what you need to do, the actual implementation can be overwhelming.

From our experience, and what works really well, is hiring an intern.  An intern will come in and get your social and web sites up and running quickly and cost effectively.  We have seen advisors contact their local universities and post jobs to get an intern at very little cost.  These “kids” are technically savvy, eager to work, ambitious and “get it” when it comes to today’s modern technology.   It’s also a great resume builder for them.

We have also seen a trend of advisors leveraging family members to do the same; a son or daughter that has graduated from college but can’t seem to land a job.  These young adults are incredibly talented and can quickly get your sites up and running.  They can also develop a strategy and a process for you; so the maintenance becomes more automated than manual.  I encourage you to look to your local schools or your family and see if you can harness the power of some younger talent. 

I hope this helps!

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