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Von Aldo
Apple Is Now Valued at 75% of the Market Cap of Europe's Banking Index

Apple Is Now Valued at 75% of the Market Cap of Europe's Banking Index

Android v. Apple: A Battle Royale LoomingFile this one as a "fun fact to know and tell." Or perhaps it indicates a mispricing in the equity market. Is Apple (Ticker: AAPL) really that profitable? Can it be that good? Apparently yes. Read on for more from ZeroHedge.

ZeroHedge says: "That's right: one maker of phones and fads is worth almost as much as all of Europe's banks). We expect parity within a few months. Since Apple's cash generation of about $10 billion per quarter, and growing at ~100% each quarter, means that the firm will have more than a trillion in a few short years, and not a penny in debt on the other side, we are going to go ahead and say what everyone is thinking: Steve Jobs for lifetime Federal Reserve chairman."

But our own stock expert (and former hedge fund analyst) Nate Wendler (his pen name) concluded otherwise in a July 13 post: "Google makes Android available to any cell phone maker, while Apple maintains a closed platform. Google's open platform will end up dominating the space, while Apple will settle for second place, and other players like RIMM and the mighty Microsoft/Nokia collaboration while have to settle for picking up the scraps left over. The core battle will be between Android and Apple, and we believe the winner will be Android."

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