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Mindy F. Rosenthal

Vice President, PNC Financial Services Group

Mindy F. Rosenthal is a Senior Vice President of the PNC Financial Services Group and the National Managing Director of the PNC Center for Financial Insight. 

Mindy joined PNC in 2016 to create PNC’s center of educational excellence focused on developing content and experiential learning opportunities on a full range of wealth management topics for individuals and families of wealth and professionals. The PNC Center supports the Hawthorn and PNC Wealth Management teams, bridging client goals and challenges to actionable solutions. 

With 20 years of experience, Mindy specializes in the governance and wealth management needs of ultra-high-net-worth families. Before joining PNC, she served as President of the Institute for Private Investors and prior to that, she built and ran Campden Wealth’s North American division. Mindy is a 21/64 certified advisor.

Mindy has appeared on CNBC and been quoted in a number of news outlets including The Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, the New York Times and Barron’s. She serves on the Trusts & Estates Editorial Advisory Board High-Net-Worth Family and Family Office Committee. She is the author of numerous articles on wealth management and the author eight research reports: Next Generation Wealth: Defining A New Direction; Moving Forward: How Owning a Family Business Impacts Family Offices; Next Generation Wealth: The New Face of Affluence; Safeguarding Prosperity: The State of Family Wealth; and Building for the Future: How Family Offices are Evolving to Meet New Challenges; The New Wealth Paradigm: How Affluent Women are Taking Control of their Futures; Fortune’s Fortress; and Protecting the Family Fortune. Mindy is a frequent presenter at industry conferences and events. 

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