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Market's Measure Podcast

Market’s Measure Podcast: State Street Global Advisors' George Milling-Stanley on Creating a ‘Golden’ Portfolio

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has again sparked interest in gold as an inflation hedge and to attenuate overall risk.


Gold has long been considered a background commodity for most investors. Often used tactically, gold’s rarely been utilized as a core or permanent asset class in portfolios. However, with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine again sparking hedging interest and the release of compelling research on gold’s power to attenuate overall risk, investors and advisors are reevaluating the metal’s role as a portfolio bulwark. 

In this inaugural episode, Brad Zigler,’s alternative investments editor, welcomes George Milling-Stanley, chief gold strategist for State Street Global Advisors, to discuss the factors impacting gold’s value.

Brad and George discuss:

  • What is contributing to the price hikes and inflows into gold investments today;
  • How Russia’s actions and Federal Reserve policy are likely to influence the value of gold; and
  • The role of gold as a core diversifying asset in investors’ portfolios.

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