Not Your Momma’s Financial Advisor

Not Your Momma’s Financial Advisor

Some financial advisors are “tricking” out their offices and dressing down to attract Gen X and Y investors. But you’ve got to change more than just your look to attract the new generation of clients. The young’uns demand lower fees, no minimums, and a more tech-centered financial experience.

Imagine: You walk into an office, and you’re greeted by a receptionist who offers you a drink—Yoo-Hoo, Tab, Fresca, Hawaiian Punch and the like—which come right out of a mini fridge inside the front desk. As you make your way to the lobby, you’re surrounded by twenty- and thirty-somethings, wearing jeans and reading magazines on their iPads. You sit down at the Oxygen Bar, where, unlike Vegas, you don’t have to pay a cent to breath in one of eight scents o

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