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4Q Best & Worst ETFs and Mutual Funds — By Style — Recap

Each quarter, we provide the most comprehensive review of equity ETFs and mutual funds available. We review the Best & Worst ETFs and Mutual Funds by sector and style. This article provides quick access to all our 4Q reports on Style funds. Access to the 4Q Sector Recap is here [2].

We begin the 4Q13 Style series with our Style Rankings report [3], which details the best styles for finding quality ETFs and mutual funds. Next we highlight the best & worst for each style in the Rating Breakdown By Style [4] report. We follow with detailed reviews of the Best & Worst for each style (links below). The 3Q Style Recap is here [5].

Style Series: Best & Worst ETFs and mutual funds for:

  1. Large Cap Blend [6]
  2. Large Cap Value [7]
  3. All Cap Blend [8]
  4. Large Cap Growth [9]
  5. All Cap Value [10]
  6. All Cap Growth [11]
  7. Mid Cap Blend [12]
  8. Mid Cap Growth [13]
  9. Mid Cap Value [14]
  10. Small Cap Growth [15]
  11. Small Cap Blend [16]
  12. Small Cap Value [17]