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Advisor Confidence Index Rises in June

Rockville, MD—June 26, 2012—The Advisor Confidence Index (ACI), a benchmark that gauges advisor views on the U.S. economy and stock market, reports that advisor confidence jumped in June, with the index rising almost 7% from May levels to close at 104.58.

Commenting on the current state of the market, James Dailey of TEAM Financial Managers was cautious. “Despite the sideshow unfolding in Europe capturing much of the U.S. financial media's attention, when they aren't obsessing about Apple or Facebook, investors would be wise to focus on the global recession unfolding before our collective eyes.” He added that the U.S. “is likely positioned to be a good relative performer economically during the duration of the recession, but we will participate. With corporate profit margins coming off record levels and still 70%+ above long term averages, U.S. stocks are very vulnerable as profit expectations plunge in the coming weeks and months.”

Rob Siegmann of Financial Management Group, also noted the influence of events outside the U.S. “We agree that international fears have overshadowed the American Recovery that is prevalent in real estate, private sector jobs, access to cheap capital and talented labor force.”

Three of the four components of the ACI experienced an increase over the prior month. The “Current Economic Outlook” measure slipped slightly.

Current economic outlook
Six-month economic outlook
12-month economic outlook
Stock market outlook

About Advisor Confidence Index’s Methodology
The Advisor Confidence Index is a benchmark that gauges advisors’ views on the economy.
Modeled after the Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index®, the ACI captures the
sentiments of 150 independent registered investment advisors (RIAs). The index’s analysis is
based on the number of completed surveys and reflects only information from those surveys.
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