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Nov 21, 2016 3:57 am

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Clean Room projects can result in certain substances that can either be risky or become damaged when get in touch with humans. Materials, which used in building insulation or in constructing of gas gauges, are potentially unsafe, and electronic systems sensitive to contamination from the outside ambiance can sustain damage. In order to defend against contamination, construction and manufacturing sites that use or made develop sensitive devices follow a clean room contamination practice.

Recently, there are three levels of clean system, normal clean, very clean and ultra clean. Several manufacturers have a similar system, which communicates to maintaining a clean area that is normal, a sealed clean room preserved (very), and a sealed clean building is known as ultra. For each kind of dirt free room, the person maintains the equal level of cleanliness in costume and equipment.

A clean room usually requires two ante-rooms, first in which the entire non-contaminated garments can be stock up, and next that can get fabrics. In both rooms, staff cleans and washes items entering the particular place. On the other hand, quality guarantee staff analyzes these fabrics before they enter the room. This is essential for everyone.

As a rule, people should avoid eating, drinking and chewing activities when working within a clean room. You must also check any type of instrumentation used like pens, notebooks, paper or other tools before entering in the clean room. People must cover all hair either it is long or short with a protective cap. Besides, cosmetic is prohibited in clean rooms.

Each stuff working in a clean room must wear a complete defensive gown to keep hands safe. Foot coverings and rubber gloves, attended with tightening straps or buttons that attach glove to suit, are compulsory, and before entering the room, everyone needs to wear face covering that covers the nose and mouth, as well as eye covering that fits tightly to the skin. These steps can keep you safe from any injury.

Clean room construction staffs achieve the quality of the clean room through proper training and post-work clean up. The person who entering the room must go through a common course, which instructs on needed wear and equipment with specific training. To ensure a future clean room, every staff must clean the room as they leave and withdrawal all fabric that they brought in.

Before leaving the room, we also need to ensure that all the furniture is safe and dirt-free.Clean Room Factory is also an important part that should not be avoid.If you want to see more, you can visit