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Dec 30, 2009 1:58 pm

Ill be honest, it is going to be fun watching this piece of crap govt/union run train wreck sink.

GM ‘fire sale’ generates buzz

By Thomas Gnau, Staff Writer

1:29 PM Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What has been called a General Motors Corp. “fire sale” of remaining Saturn and Pontiac vehicles is generating consumer interest, two local Pontiac dealers said Wednesday, Dec. 30.

But one of those dealers isn’t certain that a rebate of $7,000 is a good deal.

GM has offered to pay dealers $7,000 for every new Pontiac- or Saturn-brand vehicle they move into rental or service fleets. The idea is to substantially cut the cost to prospective car buyers.

GM decided to end the Pontiac and Saturn nameplates after a massive restructuring earlier this year. An attempt to sell Saturn to Penske Automotive Group also fell through.

The factory rebate on new Pontiac models is already $6,500, noted Fred Ferrara, general sales manager of Fairborn Buick Pontiac GMC. And he believes the $7,000 rebate applies only after a new vehicle has been moved to rental or service fleets for 30 days or 30,000 miles. He also pointed to greater tax savings on new cars compared to used models.

“As a consumer, I’d rather buy the new car,” Ferrara said.

Ferrara said he had one Pontiac remaining on his lot Wednesday morning — a Pontiac G6 coupe. He expects that car to sell sometime today.

“And then we’re out of them (Pontiacs),” Ferrara said. “But we’re selling Buicks and GMCs real well.”

Gene Reichard, owner of Reichard Buick Pontiac GMC in Dayton, said the GM rebate was “generating a lot of interest, and it’s a very good deal.”

Reichard said he brought in 150 Pontiacs about two months ago and has about 20 remaining today.

“They’re really moving, and they’re excellent buys,” he said.

Through various rebates available, including the $6,500 factory offer, buyers can get “at least” $7,000 off remaining Pontiacs, Reichard said.

He said the GM rebate has generated about 35 calls from potential buyers.